Dating Tante Mia is a subject that often causes confusion and even sometimes argument among some people as to what constitutes actual Chinese culture, and real-world Chinese dating etiquette in today's day and age. This confusion is further caused by certain false assumptions by westerners, and even by  Tante Mia  themselves making false representation for their own benefit.
This is one of the big problems I faced for years as a westerner dating  Tante Mia, the fact that many of the girls told me things that were supposedly part of Chinese culture, of course insinuating that I should follow this in order to be a good boyfriend, yet I found many of these Chinese customs were things that actually even Chinese guys didn't follow.

This creates a bit of a trap if you don't stop it in the beginning, as in Chinese culture, things do not get easier for a westerner if you follow Chinese culture, things actually get harder!


Tante Melani best way to find someone that is compatible enough to get at least 50% of your desired requirements may come in the form of online dating to some degree. People are more relaxed when filling-out profiles and therefore a bit more uninhibited in respect to interests and being themselves. What would normally take days or weeks to find out about an individual can occur within minutes. Now, there are some issues when it comes to online dating, but for the most part it narrows down the field to a select few. From the things that you may find in common with that individual as dating structure can be developed by the both of you based on interests, activities, personality traits, and more.

Tante Melani comparison would be meeting someone for the first time and the two of you have very little in common, but there is chemistry and an attraction there for some reason. The degree of difficulty to manage the relationship is increased and greater compromises are required. The goal is to minimize the compromises and find a more compatible person because if there are too many of them in order to be together, the foundation of the relationship is unstable. Think of the relationship where one party is unhappy about the adjustments they had to make in order to exist within it. Evidence of this is commonly seen in night clubs when newly divorced females declare their freedom from a marriage. These women are happy to be relieved of a burden that suppressed their own personalities. Coping is not being in a relationship, but anticipation to eventually get out of a bad one.